Steeler Pride!

I wasn’t born in Pittsburgh or in the state of Pennsylvania; actually I am not even and American. I was born in a small province in the country of Canada, I am proud that I am Canadian and I grew with a love of hockey, like most Canadian kids, I wanted to play in the NHL and the idea of the gridiron wasn’t even in my sight, until 1996. In 1995, at the age of 14, I watched my first Superbowl, Superbowl XXX between and Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I never had a team but when that game started, I saw those Steeler players come out onto the field and in that moment I felt a connection to the Gold and Black, I have no explanation, maybe it was because they are the underdog or maybe because Bill Cowher looks like my uncle, I can’t explain it. Even though the Steelers lost that game, from then on every season afterwards I rooted for the Steelers year in and year out, many games and many Superbowls I watched alone because I was the only one of my friends who liked football.

I see these specials about the city of Pittsburgh and it’s connection to the team, even though I didn’t grow up in Steeler Nation I felt a connection. They say the Steelers have the biggest fan base and that every game is a home game beucase the fans travel so well and all that is true but it’s more than just a fan base that travels, every teams has fans that travel, it’s feeling connected to people you don’t even know and now with the advances in technology the connection between fans is even greater, its’ the story behind the terrible towel and how you can spot fans one end of a building to another by a towel and it’s the family, the Rooney’s are football royalty, the loyalty goes without saying but I’m going to say it, 3 coaches in their history, no greater showing of loyalty in sports.

This Sunday the Steelers play for their record leading 7th ring against the Green bay Packers, another team that has a big fan base and impressive history, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was worried but I am, this game will be tough and close, Packers are a greater foe then the past two teams the Steelers have faced. Don’t get me wrong I believe in my team and I know they can pull it out because they are just that good but after these past couple weeks of chatting with Steeler Fans all over the world through the internet, Win or Lose I have never been more proud of my Pittsburgh Steelers and proud to bleed Black and Gold.

Stairway to Seven will conclude on Feb. 6th

Go Steelers Go

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